Caregiver Program

Canada has been able to attract and retain high quality nannies from overseas through their “Live-In Caregiver Program”. Many of the overseas nannies are qualified teachers, nurses and early childhood educators. They are very much sought after because they are dedicated to their profession, hardworking and they possess excellent caregiver qualifications. This program offers an opportunity for highly skilled and educated nannies to work and eventually immigrate to Canada. All our nannies/caregivers have the ability to manage a household and complete tasks such as cooking and cleaning. They have 1 to 2 years experience, come with excellent references from previous employers and are First Aid & CPR trained. Ayah Nannies, along with Citizenship and Immigration Canada fully screen these candidates prior to entrance into the country. The average wait time for an overseas nanny is approximately 6-8 months, however while the sponsorship is being processed, a local nanny is hired to fill the immediate need.

What others are saying

" I can compare Ayah Nannies to the company through which I hired my first nanny. This terrible experience I had, made me leery of sponsoring another nanny. I tried to hire a nanny from overseas on my own, but due to immigration changes this made the process much more complex. The second time around, Ayah Nannies made the process completely painless..."

Sarah, Ottawa, September 2009