Live in and Live out nanny services for both child and elder care

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Ayah Nannies is an experienced private Canadian Nanny Agency based in Ottawa, Ontario offering families across Canada live-in and live-out nanny services. These services are available for child care, elder care and special needs. Since 2007, we have assisted over 400 families find suitable caregivers nationwide in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, London, Hamilton, Toronto, Barrie, Kingston, Ottawa, St John’s and Halifax.

Why Choose Ayah Nannies

As founder of Ayah Nannies, Muni Jaffer, with 2 children of her own, realized, though there are a number of nanny services available on the market, they did not provide the customer service and personal touch that she needed for such an important decision. At Ayah Nannies, our team consists of working mothers who understand the importance of family care. We are proud to provide a professional and personalized approach to finding the right nanny or caregiver for your family. Maintaining integrity, trust and loyalty through a high level of customer service is the foundation of our business.

Our Commitment

To provide you with a personalized and hands-on approach to hiring a nanny or caregiver. From the first consultation to the process of selection, and finally to bringing the nanny into your home, we are there every step of the way. We ensure that the nanny is matched to your family’s needs and values, while providing you with an element of choice and flexibility. We provide nannies and caregivers that are fully screened, highly trained, efficient, affordable and dependable.We provide you with a dedicated team to assist you in a professional and timely manner with a high level of integrity and respect.

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Our Guarantee

We offer a one-time replacement nanny/caregiver if you and your family are not completely satisfied and/or if the nanny does not meet your expectations within 30 days from the start date. This one-time replacement is valid if the employer has not neglected to obey the Provincial/Territorial Employment Standards Act/Human Rights Laws and the Employer/Employment Contract. We will recommence the entire process of finding a new nanny at no additional cost (the agency fee is waived). However, you, the employer will be responsible for providing payment for any government application fees (example: LMIA application), all travel costs/airfare and all required taxes.

The Benefits

  • Ability to choose a primary caregiver
  • Receiving individual and personalized care
  • Providing a secure environment with consistent care in the comfort of your own home
  • Flexible hours to meet specific family schedule and needs
  • Cost efficient (much more affordable than day care)
  • Assistance with household chores and meal preparation
  • Avoiding morning rush and getting children ready for daycare
  • New cultural experience for the family

The Process

Choosing someone to look after your children and family is a very important decision and the process can be daunting. Ayah Nannies will be with you every step of the way. At the first point of contact, our team will explain the process and fees in detail. We will then proceed with a series of questions in order to identify your family’s specific needs, values and cultural background. We have a custom-built database with profiles of pre-screened nannies local to Canada or from overseas. In the case of overseas applicants, we work alongside our partners in Hong Kong and Taiwan to assist in the pre-screening process. Once assessed, your needs are put through this database, where you will be matched with various nannies and caregivers. We then assist you in setting up interviews with the candidates, drawing up the employment contract and all other necessary documentation as well as make sure you are in compliance with government regulations. Once the nanny is hired, Ayah Nannies ensures an extensive follow-up to evaluate your satisfaction.